About Bibe

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After growing up in Brisbane I always knew I wanted to help others, so I stated working community services when I was in my early 20’s. It wasn’t long after that I knew I had to do more, so I stepped out and endeavoured to start my own business which specialised in project management and events.

Since then I have worked with local, national and international projects and companies to ensure a varied range of programs, events and expansion projects. I strategically implemented international launches, developed and maintained multiple projects with a high degree of strategic planning and highly successful outcomes.

Since merging business ventures with my husband, Bryce, ten years ago, we have continued to build a successful business together and also diversified into the education sector. I currently work on projects with the Griffith Health Precinct and I also train across 6 different disciplines including Advance Diplomas in Leadership and Management, Dip Business, Dip Human Resource Management and Dip Community Service Work, Dip Child, Youth & Family Intervention among them.

I am a driven and passionate person, focused on creating strategic and sustainable solutions.

I am currently in my last year of a double Masters in International Relations and International Business and I am a strong community advocate for varied social issues including high risk youths, child protection, domestic violence and support for families.

My husband and I have four beautiful children and we are a family that works hard and contributes to many areas of our local community and to broader issues .